Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FPSO unit (Floating production, storage and offloading)

Good morning all,

I was notified yesterday by my project manager that I am assigned to a new project. Further details abt the project can be read from the link below.

Today will be the kick-off meeting at Bumi Armada's office. Wish me luck.



Chu Jie said...

oh wow! coolnes!! are u leading the project??

kahyin said...

nice project, all the best. although i'm not so clear about oil and gas industry, but the name sounds like involving all the shipping, wharf and land storage support. similar to what i did for johor project.

galaxycharm said...

Firstly, thanks for the wishes. Kick-off meeting wasn't that good after all. Lolx.

Cj,i'm obviously not leading the project as I'm still inexperienced. But will still be fully involved in it. Btw, waiting for your touch down in M'sia.